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Yanki Tea Estate Quality Darjeeling Tea

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Yanki Tea Estate is not a single estate, but rather a movement and a brand representing the Yanki Darjeeling Orthodox Small Tea Growers Welfare Society. This society, founded by Yanki Tamang, a former tea plucker, empowers small tea farmers in the Mirik Valley of Darjeeling, India.

From humble beginnings

Yanki’s story began when her hard work as a tea plucker was undervalued and rejected by large manufacturers. This injustice sparked a dream: to build a small tea-producing farm that supported the community and produced high-quality, ethically sourced Darjeeling tea.

Empowering small growers

The society, led by Yankhu Tamang (Yanki’s son), now purchases tea leaves from over 300 small family farms in the region. These farms often practice natural, organic methods, due to the high cost of chemicals in remote areas.

Traditional craftsmanship

Yanki Tea adheres to traditional Darjeeling tea processing methods, including hand-plucking, withering, rolling, oxidation, and drying. This meticulous approach, combined with the high-altitude terroir of the Mirik Valley, results in teas known for their:

Complex flavors: 

Floral, fruity, and nutty notes are common, with variations depending on the flush (season) and specific tea type.

Velvety texture: 

The careful processing creates a smooth and enjoyable mouthfeel.


Each small batch reflects the specific characteristics of the participating farms and the season.

Yanki Tea Estate Beyond tea

Yanki Tea is more than just a brand. They are committed to:

  • Fair trade: Farmers receive fair prices for their leaves, ensuring their livelihoods and well-being.
  • Sustainable practices: They promote organic farming methods and responsible water usage.
  • Community development: The society invests in education, healthcare, and infrastructure projects in the Mirik Valley.

Where to find Tea from Yanki Tea Estate?

Due to their small-batch production, Yanki Tea can be challenging to find. But we have made it easy. You can find all the Yanki teas available with us

Yanki Black Tea

Yank White Tea

Yanki Long Leaf FOP Black Tea 

However, you can try:

  • Specialty tea shops: Look for retailers focused on ethically sourced and high-quality teas.
  • Online retailers: Several online stores carry Yanki Tea, including Herbs & Kettles, Palais des Thés, and Chai House.
  • Directly from the society: You can contact the Darjeeling Orthodox Small Tea Growers Welfare Society through their website or Facebook page for information on purchasing directly.

Supporting Yanki Tea:

By choosing Yanki Tea, you’re not just enjoying a delicious cup of tea, but also supporting a community of dedicated farmers, sustainable practices, and a better future for the Mirik Valley.

Yanki Tea Estate

  • While Yanki Tea is often associated with black tea, they also produce oolong and white teas.
  • The society has received recognition for its ethical and sustainable practices, including awards from the Darjeeling Tea Association.
  • If you have the opportunity to visit the Mirik Valley, consider taking a tour of the Yanki Tea processing facility to learn more about their story and methods.

I hope this detailed write-up has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of Yanki Tea and its significance.

Yankhu Tamang’s “Yanki Special”: A Darjeeling White Tea with a Social Conscience

Experience the soul of Darjeeling with Yankhu Tamang’s “Yanki Special,” a hand-crafted white tea brimming with purpose.

This unique white tea isn’t just about exquisite taste; it’s about empowering small growers and promoting sustainable practices in the Darjeeling region.

The Story Behind the Sip:

  • Grown in the Mirik Valley, nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas at an altitude of 1,500-2,130 meters, this tea thrives in the cool, misty climate that shapes Darjeeling’s legendary character.
  • Cultivated with utmost care and natural methods, the tea leaves are nurtured by small growers who are part of the Darjeeling Orthodox Small Tea Growers Welfare Society.
  • Led by Yankhu Tamang, a passionate farmer and social advocate, the society champions fair treatment for workers and ethical tea production.
  • By bypassing large estates and processing their own leaves, these growers retain control and reinvest in their communities, building a brighter future for themselves and Darjeeling.

What Makes This White Tea Special:

  • Untouched by chemicals or artificial processes, this white tea retains its natural sweetness and delicate floral notes.
  • Infused with the spirit of social responsibility, each sip carries a story of empowerment and sustainability.
  • Handcrafted in small batches, this tea offers a rare and authentic taste unlike mass-produced Darjeelings.

Yanki Tea Estate More Than Just a Cup of Tea:

By choosing “Yanki Special,” you’re not just enjoying a premium white tea; you’re supporting a movement for positive change in Darjeeling.

Embrace the unique flavor, the social impact, and the story woven into every cup.

Additional Information:

  • Signature Tea: Yankee Special (White Tea)
  • Grower: Yankhu Tea – Darjeeling Orthodox Small Tea Growers Welfare Society
  • Origin: Mirik Valley, Darjeeling, India
  • Elevation: 1,500m-2,130m (5,000-7,500ft)
  • Cultivation: Natural (Organic, but no certification)
  • Brewing: Use filtered water heated to 175°F (80°C) and steep for 2-3 minutes.

Order your “Yanki Special” today and experience the taste of social change, one sip at a time.

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