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Puttabong BPS tea 100 grams Darjeeling


Puttabong BPS tea from the famed Darjeeling region. Handcrafted with care at the historic Puttabong Tea Estate, this broken pekoe souchong grade tea offers a delightful balance of floral notes and muscatel hints.

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Puttabong BPS tea, renowned among connoisseurs, hails from the illustrious Puttabong Tea Estate nestled in the misty hills of Darjeeling, India. This tea, characterized by its broken pekoe souchong grade, boasts a distinct flavor profile and a heritage steeped in tradition.

1. The Essence of Puttabong: Puttabong Tea Estate, one of the oldest in Darjeeling, has been cultivating tea since the mid-19th century. Its name, “Puttabong,” meaning “the land of green leaves,” epitomizes the lush surroundings where the tea bushes thrive. Situated at an altitude of over 1,500 meters above sea level, the estate’s unique microclimate and fertile soil contribute to the exceptional quality of its teas.

2. Production Process: The journey of Puttabong BPS tea begins with the careful plucking of tender tea leaves during the optimal harvest season. These leaves, selected with precision, undergo a meticulous production process to ensure the preservation of their natural flavor and aroma.

  • Withering: The freshly plucked leaves are spread out in a controlled environment to wither, allowing them to lose moisture naturally. This crucial step prepares the leaves for further processing while enhancing their flavor profile.
  • Rolling: Once withered, the leaves undergo rolling, a process that releases the essential oils trapped within. This releases the characteristic fragrance of Darjeeling tea and contributes to its nuanced flavor.
  • Oxidation: The rolled leaves are left to undergo oxidation, where enzymatic reactions occur, transforming the leaves’ chemical composition. This stage is carefully monitored to achieve the desired flavor profile, balancing the tea’s boldness with its delicate notes.
  • Firing: The oxidation process is halted through firing, which involves subjecting the leaves to high temperatures to preserve their flavor and color. This final step ensures that the tea retains its characteristic aroma and appearance.

3. Flavor Profile: Puttabong BPS tea offers a sensory experience unlike any other. Upon brewing, it exudes a captivating aroma, reminiscent of the mist-covered hills of Darjeeling. The liquor, with its amber hue, reveals a complex flavor profile that balances floral notes with hints of muscatel and a subtle sweetness. Each sip tantalizes the taste buds, leaving a lingering impression that speaks to the tea’s exceptional quality.

4. Cultural Significance: Beyond its exquisite taste, Puttabong BPS tea holds cultural significance within the Darjeeling community and beyond. It serves as a symbol of the region’s rich tea heritage, reflecting the craftsmanship and dedication of generations of tea artisans. Additionally, the estate’s commitment to sustainable practices and fair labor standards underscores its importance within the local community, further enhancing its cultural significance.

5. Conclusion: Puttabong BPS tea is more than just a beverage; it is a testament to the artistry and heritage of Darjeeling’s tea industry. From its origins in the misty hills of Darjeeling to its journey to teacups around the world, Puttabong BPS tea encapsulates the essence of quality, tradition, and flavor. With each sip, tea enthusiasts embark on a journey through time and taste, savoring the legacy of a tea estate that continues to set the standard for excellence in the world of tea.

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